History of Reconciliation Resources (Newspaper Articles)

April 30, 2017

Reconciliation promotes harmony in life and music

RR Worship Band members would meet 2-3 times a week, preparing to lead music for upcoming local events on Vancouver Island. Songs would be written by members of the band and sung as well as popular Christian music. Customized RR merchandise would be created and sold at the local Christian bookstores and at events to raise money for an "alms" project in the area and all proceeds would go to a need to help someone in the community.

Jodi is an award-winning singer and songwriter. She co-founded Christian Songwriters Network in Saskatoon. One of her songs was made known through her debut album RECONCILIATION years earlier through church friends.

While chairing March for Jesus, events Jodi and a prayer partner hiked up a local mountain in Victoria where she buried her RR logo as an offering to dedicate her singing and ministry to the Lord. She was walking on a plateau and looked north, south, east, west, where there was water on all sides. She felt the Lord share that

He was going to bring a Fresh Wind and Fresh Fire, Wake Our Nation, and bring Reconciliation.  She had just finished reading Jim Cymballa's book and had written the three songs. Her contemplative prayer songs were recorded in 1999 and again in 2000. She was contacted by Washington D.C. area Rev. Beth Bryant (no relation) who had been tasked with planning one of the six Obama inauguration prayer services. It was a very thrilling and honouring experience for Jodi.