DivorceCare for Kids

DivorceCare for Kids, also known as DC4K, serves as a sanctuary for children embroiled in the heartbreak and confusion of their parents' separation or divorce. This thoughtful program seeks to transform the heavy burden of familial change into a healing journey, providing children with the tools to navigate their emotional landscape.

A blend of games, music, stories, and videos creates a fun, safe environment where kids can explore their feelings and foster a better understanding of their situation. More than just a support group, DC4K is a vibrant community that encourages children to regain their sense of joy and normalcy amidst life's transitions.

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DivorceCare for Kids

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... But the labourers are few

We are looking for volunteers. If you feel God's call to chip into the work we are doing, we would love to hear from you.



DivorceCare for Kids Volunteer Facilitator

I am honoured and blessed to serve with Jodi and Reconciliation Resources. In the Fall of 2018, I was part of a team who led DivorceCare for Kids. I was drawn to this program as I understand the pain of divorce and the effect that divorce has on the children. I wanted to be part of a ministry that would help children sort through their feelings as they face the many changes going in their family.In the year-long preparation for DC4K, we gathered our team together, we held monthly meetings to pray and to discuss and plan all aspects of the program, such as curriculum, the location, what day and what time, how many children we would be able to host, what snacks we should serve, the crafts, and assigning ministry duties according to each team members’ gifts and abilities. Jodi also arranged that a DivorceCare class was offered at the same time so the parents of these children could participate in their own program. I can’t really say enough good things about RR ministry and the team I was a part of. Every leader had something to offer and everyone served so willingly and cheerfully. The children looked forward to coming each week, they listened attentively to the story and the videos, and they were always willing to share when given the opportunity. We prayed for the children during the week and prayed with them at each session. I will continue to pray for each child that God will be their source of strength and comfort and they will know Him.


Divorce Care for Kids and Single & Parenting Volunteer

I met Jodi through Deb M. and Shelley through our church. I’ve served in the children’s ministry of the RR Single & Parenting course, and in DC4Kids. I attended discipleship small groups like Transformed and Safe People with the RR team. I have experience and a heart for children so when Jodi approached me, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to come and serve in their children’s programming.I was drawn to volunteer by Jodi’s enthusiasm and passion for her ministry. I also liked that the team took an unknown program, raised the funds for it, and prepared a year in advance to launch it because I needed more knowledge to become equipped and prepared with training in the area of divorce. I enjoyed observing how many of the children emotionally connected to the program content and the RR team leaders. For me, watching the program unfold from start to finish and seeing the application of the Christian worldview in action gave me joy because the children were able to really relate and understand the content, gain a new perspective, and they were able to apply what they learned on their healing journey and use their new-found knowledge in their personal life.


DivorceCare for Kids, Celebrate Recovery, Blended Family Volunteer Facilitator

Reconciliation Resources has made a huge impact in my life. The small groups are led by people that are or have gone through the same things as you. Being part of a small group is important to me because of the safety, encouragement, and advice you can only find in a settings small groups provide.The Bible talks a lot about being part of a community so you can learn and grow together; even Jesus had his disciples. We cannot heal and grow being by ourselves we need people who understand and have experienced similar things as us, it doesn’t matter how hard you try and how many people you have supporting you – forgiveness and healing only come from the grace of God.


Divorce Care For Kids Volunteer

I met Jodi Bryant through Mark Katona. He explained how he supported them, and he believed in RR. He then gave me her number. I phoned her and Jodi met with me. She discussed what RR provided and asked where my interest was. By attending the registration evening, Jodi and Darryl showed what all they provided as an outreach ministry to Saskatoon. Like everyone else at the session, I proceeded to fill out a form to let them know where I felt Jesus was leading me.With experience as a Sunday school teacher, Sunday school superintendent, VBS and the love Jesus has placed in my heart for kids, DC4K was a positive goal. After attending many joint meetings to plan ahead, the Monday came to start. I felt God’s amazing grace sustained me every step of the way with each session. The children were such a blessing and I loved seeing their individual personalities develop each session. I have respect and appreciation for Jodi’s leadership and organizational skills. I appreciated how each area was set up and the support and help from Jodi. I especially enjoyed the moments of God’s grace with children that had challenging behaviours. God’s compassion, empathy, and unconditional love for them through this group was amazing. I’m definitely looking forward to volunteering again and was honoured and blessed to give up time to volunteer for DC4K. We honour and celebrate the memory of Patti who passed away peacefully in February 2023.


Divorce Care for Kids Volunteer

DC4K gave me a purpose. Being part of a cause that was going to help children who were going through a divorce touched my heart and soul. My own personal experience of trying to help my daughter adjust from divorce was difficult and lonely. I struggled in knowing what to do to help her heal.What an exciting concept it was for me to know that parents and children did not have to do this alone. Having the support of others going through the same thing was going to be life changing. The most rewarding part of being a part of Jodi’s team was the love and support that I received. I grew so much during my time as a volunteer. It was the answer to my own personal depression because by helping others I removed myself from my own misery and to my surprise I received more than I gave. Helping children has been my life and my passion and I was able to use the education I had, particularly in teaching children about their emotions and helping them walk through the variety of feelings that came up for them. I know the lives of every child were touched in a special way. God has a calling to each one of us. If we listen and serve God using the gifts He has given us, the rewards are numerous. Being part of Jodi’s vision gave me not only purpose but a sense of community, love and worth. Thank you, Jodi, for all that you do.


Divorce Care for Kids Volunteer

Jodi and I first met in choir. I knew that she was working on her master’s degree in counselling and was involved in Elijah House. I could sense her desire to reach out to the marginalized in society. As I had been involved in First Nations ministries for 20 years, I, too, felt that Saskatoon could benefit from a ministry that ministered to society’s hurting and often over-looked.Our society is filled with individuals who need to be shown Christ’s unconditional love. I looked forward to my Monday nights from September to December as I worked with children in Divorce Care for Kids (DC4K). As a parent was participating in the sessions, the child was learning, in a loving, non-judgemental, fun- filled atmosphere, how he or she could deal with the many changes that were happening in their home. They learned that it is normal to experience differing feelings. They were taught appropriate coping mechanisms and God honouring behaviour. They were guided through stories and videos that divorce is not their fault. They were shown that people care, and that Jesus is always with them to successfully navigate them through their parent’s divorce.


DivorceCare for for Kids and Single & Parenting SupportVolunteer

I first met Jodi when her husband was the pastor at one of the churches in Saskatoon. From that time on we have been friends, and when she asked me to help volunteer for RR, I said yes. I have been involved in the DC4K program, as well as helped look after the children during the Single and Parenting courses. RR has made a huge impact on the lives of many families in Saskatoon, and volunteering with the ministry has been very rewarding. I have recently created and contributed home-made jewelry for Reconciliation Resources Fundraiser.

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