GriefShare Surviving the Holidays

GriefShare's Surviving the Holidays program offers a much-needed support system for those grieving during the emotionally charged holiday season. Recognizing that holidays can intensify feelings of loss and loneliness, this program helps participants navigate this challenging period with grace and resilience.

The program is designed to assist individuals as they grapple with changing traditions, the absence of loved ones, and the pressure of social events.A highlight of this initiative is a 2-hour seminar, conducted between October and December, which provides strategies for managing emotional upheaval, adjusting to changes, and coping with social scenarios. The program doesn’t just help participants merely survive the holiday season but also discovers glimmers of hope and joy, even amidst their grief.

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GriefShare Surviving the Holidays

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GriefShare Volunteer and Facilitator

I'm Marg Fair. I started facilitating GriefShare in Waldheim in 2019. I had previously attended two RR GriefShare in the Neighborhood Church Cafe after the passing of my husband in 2018. Gloria, Lucretia and Donna B. were compassionate facilitators. I couldn't do grief alone, I needed people who could understand my pain. I started a widdows' GriefShare alumni called Soul Sisters. I have facilitated three RR GriefShares alone and two co-facilitating with Gloria at Arcadia Funeral Home.


Past GriefShare Volunteer Facilitator

I so enjoyed GriefShare when I took the class 11 years ago when my husband of 40 years passed away from cancer. I went to several groups during that first year but enjoyed the faith-based part of this one and also the videos which keep everyone on topic. I sat at Gloria’s table at the Bibleville Christmas Party at the Rock Church in December the previous year. Somehow the topic came up after I shared, I’d lost my partner. I kept her number and called to see if I could help that next Fall. I had known Jodi from my sister’s connection with The Neighbourhood Church. It’s interesting how things fall into place.Through helping Gloria, I have been reminded that grief does last a lifetime, but the deep hurts and pain can be lessened, and we can go on to have the fulfilling life God intended. Death is a part of life here on earth also and everyone will eventually experience it. Once we’ve experienced such deep pain God also says we can and should help others as they experience similar things.

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