Ministry Formation at Horizon College

Reconciliation Resources acts as an option for students doing their ministry formation at Horizon College & Seminary. Students get credit for volunteering and experience in local missions. They receive guidance and supervision by our team and grow their mission's experience. This opportunity is available to all students and we encourage them to reach out if they think we are a good fit for them.

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Ministry Formation at Horizon College

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... But the labourers are few

We are looking for volunteers. If you feel God's call to chip into the work we are doing, we would love to hear from you.



Horizon Ministry Formation Student

I chose to serve with The Lighthouse Friday Coffee House Ministry, DC4KIDS, and CR because I love working with kids and I have been through my parents splitting up, so I know how it feels to go through something like that as a kid. This program was a perfect way to help kids with what they’re going through. I did not have anyone there for me. I helped in CR because I have a brother who is battling addictions and other family as well. I wanted to get to know people and understand where they are coming from and help support them in were, they are now. Jodi, you were super welcoming and a motherly figure, so it made me feel safe to be with you and work in your teams.


Horizon Ministry Formation Student

I met Jodi and Darryl Bryant through Horizon College and Seminary. When I heard about what they stood for and the ministries they were involved in I knew God was leading me in that direction. Since meeting them I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer at The Lighthouse and a prison where I got to be the hands and feet of Jesus to men in the margins of society. I was incredibly blessed by the opportunity and I look forward to going back there and hanging out with the men some more.

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